• Mindy Wiper

The Fertile Void

The down time, the quiet, the still.

Where do we go with it?

If you can spend time with your horse in quarantine, all of the shows are off for a bit and we have time to slow down and re-prioritize.

For me, that looks like spending a bit more time petting, grooming, cleaning, hanging with my horse while he grazes, knocking off old chores.

Maybe reorganizing or trying new things. Maybe spending less time with the horses in general and putting in some hours to organizing the parts of my life that I usually ignore.

My friend and fellow yogi Julia McGarey (Also founder of Partnered Path Parenting) spoke awhile ago of "the fertile void." A concept she had read about.

It got me thinking about the importance of slowing things down and letting things be unknown. Trusting to put some of our mind work over to "the other side" and to trust in the flow of things.

You will be clear and know your next right action when you know.


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