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Mermaid Cowgirl Hoof Wax

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I began to create Mermaid Cowgirl Hoofwax back in 2017 as I noticed it was so wet in Texas, especially here near Houston.  I needed a way to keep moisture out of the hoof and I began to start reading the labels of other products.  I was discouraged because all products seemed to have ingredients that I would not want to get on my own body, much less my horse's.  On top of that they all seemed to be focused towards moisturizing and conditioning the hoof and moisture was my problem.  

I knew of a friend who used petroleum jelly, and I had grown up using basic mineral oil.  I didn't like the idea of putting petroleum on the hoof but it did work well as a moisture barrier.  I decided to experiment with beeswax and found the base I had been looking for!  A natural way to keep moisture out but that I also wanted to get on myself!

I also wanted a product that could combat bacteria and fungus, so I played around until I found just the right blend of essential oils.  Not only did it smell great, but it worked too!  

I started giving the wax as gifts for the holidays and got great feedback and even some copycats.  

In 2018 I started dating a Certified Professional Farrier and he told me there's nothing you can put on a hoof to help it.  I agreed I said, hoof health is a combination of nutrition, environment, and genetics.  I could control only two of those things.  I told him even if it was a placebo it made me feel good to try something.   I put on my wax and then hosed off my horse.  He saw the water bead off of her hooves, and asked me what I had in my wax.  Then we started selling it!  

We now sell to many farriers and clients and are starting to get great feedback and before and after pictures.  If you have a testimonial for Mermaid Cowgirl Hoofwax please share to:  If you are a farrier and are interested in our product please email us to find out more.  

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