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Riding Lessons

Lessons study a Balanced Seat in:  Eventing, Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, Western/Trail, Groundwork, Horse Listening, and Horsemanship.

Lessons at your facility available.  Private and Group available.  Locations affect prices. 

Establishments I teach at regularly:

Cornerstone Sporthorses, Montgomery, Texas

Horse Training

Various Houston area locations.  Price depends on frequency and distance.  Currently accepting horses in training at Cornerstone Sporthorses in Montgomery, TX.

Leadership and Equestrian Life Coaching

Phone Sessions available for 1 session a week, 1 hr per session, $400/month. 

Would you like a better connection with yourself and your horse?  Are you getting in your own way?  Do you have relationship (personal or professional) drama that you aren't sure how to best proceed with?  Do you suspect that you could level up your life but don't know how?  Do you struggle with fear, anxiety, or difficulty performing in front of others?

Using a tool kit I have learned from working with the Flow Genome Project, ex SEAL Team 6 Commander Curt Cronin, the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, life coach Eve Sheldon, tools from the National Outdoor Leadership School, thousands of miles in the wilderness, and countless hours on the ground and backs of horses, I can help you maximize your daily routine to bring more flow, efficiency, and focus. 


I understand what it is to overcome GREAT odds, struggle, fear, and anxiety and keep going!  I have shown my one-eyed ex-race horse at the Novice level (eventing) at the American Eventing Championships, and coached my students to get there as well.  

I also work with "long shot" or "underdog" horses to uncover their true potential, even when others have given up on them.  

In person sessions with your horse are available. 

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