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Mindy Wiper has been teaching riding since 2000 and yoga since 2013, and has been riding since 1991. 


She focuses on eventing but has participated in a wide rage of equestrian activities.


Horse packing, mounted patrol in Yosemite National Park, head instructor at Camp Timberlane for Boys, Texas A&M Equestrian Team (pre-title 9), ARIA instructor level II dressage and eventing from 2003-2008, PATH certified riding instructor, and is currently working on the skillset to aquire her USEA level I. 


Mindy has trained  and apprenticed with many amazing coaches and equestrians of all disciplines:


USEA instructor and Olympian Jim Graham

USEA instructor and Olympian Mary D'arcy

USEA instructor and Olympian Karen O'Connor

USEA instructor Jennifer Bodtmann

Erika-West Danque Nece, Dressage

Whit Watkins, Dressage

Courtney Rowles-Kozack ARIA Hunter/Jumper, Eventing

Eve Sheldon, life coaching, training

Troy Koehl, Reining

Billy Patrick, Yosemite Mounted Patrol

Curt Cronin, ex SEAL team 6 Commander (leadership and life coaching)

Jamie Wheal, founder of the Flow Genome Project (leadership and life coaching).

Mindy loves to blend technical/classical skill with awareness,"the feel," and connection with the horse as a sentient being. 

Mindy is constantly asking herself the question, "what do I have to offer the equestrian community?"  She aims to blend her mastery of holistic education (teaching the whole person, not just a certain subject) with her yoga and riding instruction. 

In 2018, Mindy also added therapeutic riding to her list of equestrian loves and is a PATH International Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. 


  • Yoga Instructor, Balanced Rock Foundation, RYT 200 (2014)

  • PATH Instructor (2018)

  • Certified Life Coach (2015)

  • Wilderness First Responder (since 2006)

  • ARIA level II (dressage/eventing, 2003-08)

  • NOLS semester alumni, 2005

  • Black Belt in Taekwondo, 1994 (ATA)

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