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Infinite Equestrian

has no limits


Connect via phone or email to discuss the possiblities.



I am looking for barns who would like to do clinics on Leadership, Connection, and Relationships with their horses and humans. 


I use exercises from riding, yoga, martial arts, and more to understand how to be a better leader for yourself and your horse.


I also specialize in helping barns to better enjoy their drama, barn relationships, and day to day operations.  "No Drama" is a falsification--focusing on having better conflict and systems in place to deal with conflict in a joyous, playful, and clear way is the higher path.  


I  use an education model that is:

  • hands on

  • inquiry-based

  • holistic (the whole person and horse, not just our minds)

  • positive


That will strengthen your connection with:

  • your horse

  • the natural world

  • yourself

  • your community

Now booking.  Please see contact page for more information.

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